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Two times Fieldbus with just one PCI card [ICNweb]


With Hilschers CIFX 2-channel cards users have the possibility to realize two independent Fieldbus communications in just one PCI slot.

Especially in compact Box-PCs of newest generation the number of PCI slots is rather limited and a 2-channel card has significant advantages. Common to all cards is an extended temperature range up to +70°C as well as a reliable address allocation at the PCI bus via a rotary switch.

The user can choose from any combination of the leading Fieldbus systems PROFIBUS, CANopen and DeviceNet. Due to loadable firmware and software licenses the same hardware can alternatively be used as Double-Master or as Double-Slave.

All 2-Channel cards use the same application interface and data exchange will be done via Dual-Port-Memory or DMA. A complete software package is always included in the scope of delivery. www.hilscher.com

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